How To Make Your Partner Explode During Sex

If you have a great partner, you know how amazing she makes you feel and how much she loves to make you cum. Since she is so good at pleasing you, it’s natural that you want to give her unbelievable orgasms as well. To do this, you need to know how to caress her, lick her and suck her properly. By following these tips, any adult will be able to make a lady constantly crave sex.

The most sensitive part of a woman’s body is her pussy, and more specifically, her clitoris. When she spreads her legs and you go down on her, it is key that your tongue knows where it’s going. Before you play with her pussy, tickle and run your hands over her thighs first – this will help to build her sexual excitement. Instead of just burying your face in her and hoping for the best, try and bring that clitoris out to play – make it swell up. This will start to get her excited, and when you start sucking it and flicking your tongue over it, you will definitely make her explode – she may even squirt. Put a couple of fingers in her pussy and feel how wet she is. Notice how wet it becomes and how she moans with pleasure as you tease her expertly. It’s well-known that women love a man who can eat pussy, so you should spend a lot of time learning the art.

When you aren’t trying to make her pussy drip, pay more attention to her beautiful breasts. Play with them and squeeze them, before licking, sucking and biting on her nipples. Ladies love to tease their own tits, but they enjoy it even more when their man gets to work. If you have seen “motor-boating” in the adult movies you could give that a try. You can motorboat her by putting your head between her tits and shaking it quickly.

Sometimes she likes it rough. She doesn’t want you to just penetrate her, she wants you to make love to her properly. For this, you need a position where you can make full use of your cock and get it deep inside of her. Doggy style is perfect for deep, rough penetration. Grab hold of her hips and thrust your dick back and forth, as far in as you can go. She wants you to take control and you will easily know how much she enjoys it by the amount of pussy juices dripping over your cock. Meet beautiful sexy women at