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Coming out as a lesbian is often challenging in a society that largely neither understands nor accepts non-heterosexual identities. Revealing your identity to your husband however, can be much harder than coming out in general. The fact that men have been swimming in the deep ocean of patriarchal privilege, and surfing in the high waves of gender and sex domination does not fare well for closeted married lesbians. Men, and husbands in particular may find it especially difficult to digest, let alone tolerate the idea that a woman (their woman) can be attracted to another woman. Then there’s the issue of marriage; whether or not you have been faithful, coming out to a spouse will likely leave them feeling betrayed and cheated. Therefore, it’s best to consider everything before you drop the ball.

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Chelmsford Escorts

First and foremost, you should give the issue a lot of thought, and try to understand all the possible angles of the issue. For instance, will coming out be the best solution to your problem? If coming out to your husband may cause you danger or keep you from your children (if you have any) and other close relatives, then you may benefit from keeping it to yourself. On the other hand, if you feel you can survive stigma or belief that your husband might accept the fact that you are not sexually or romantically attracted to him, then by all means, go ahead but tread carefully.
Second, coming out to your husband should be a delicately planned event, treat it with the paramount importance it deserves. This doesn’t mean you have to micromanage every word, or stress yourself with the planning bits, just make sure the timing and place is optimal. Now, while there is no one size fits all formula, the most important thing to relay is that he is not to blame. The blame game can lead to anger, and ugly confrontation and unintended aftermaths.
The aftermath of coming out can actually have unexpectedly positive scenarios. If your husband understands and wants to come up with a solution that works for both of you, there’s a world of liberating options other than divorce. Open marriages work especially well in these situations, especially if you still want to stay together, for the sake of friendly love or keeping your kids, or simply not dismantling your whole life. Seeing other women will allow both of you to satisfy your sexualities and probably be happier than you ever were before. Open relationships usually depend on total honesty to yourselves, not necessarily to the rest of the world, even your friends and relatives. The best way of being discrete and safe is using Chelmsford Escorts services like There are plenty of professional Chelmsford Escorts services that cater to this kind of situation, where both spouses in a marriage sign up together, screen potential partners together, and decide how far each relationship can go. This option clearly gives you the best of both worlds and strengthens your relationship with your husband as it is based on communication, honesty, and a genuine interest in keeping both spouses happy.
If you decide that coming out is not in the best interest for you, remember that you can still explore the option of an open relationship with your husband. The good thing about professional Chelmsford Escorts services is that your security and privacy is of paramount importance. So you can also have an open relationship without your husband finding out you are lesbian.