Gatwick escorts experiencing a boom

Gatwick, became a bit quiet after the Olympics but business is now picking up according to a couple of the local Gatwick escorts agencies in As a matter of fact, a couple of the local Gatwick escorts agencies have started to recruit and that is certainly a good sign. At the moment about 50 Gatwick escorts work in this area, and it sounds like they are all fairly busy. However, a lot of the local Gatwick escorts don’t think agency bosses are doing enough to promote the businesses. Many Gatwick escorts say that their agency bosses could do more to put their names on the London map.

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Promoting Agencies

Promoting escorts agencies is never easy. Most of the standard press do not want to accept adverts, and that means that the majority of escort’s agencies cannot advertise in the press. One of the bosses that I spoke to said that he could put together an advertising budget but most media will not accept their adverts.

One of the best ways to promote the business locally is to leave cards and flyers, but sometimes they just disappear. That means that most agencies resort to the Internet, and invest in web sites. Web sites are a very good way of promoting escorts services, and a lot of the Gatwick girls say that they are getting most of their business this way.

Word of Mouth

A lot of other girls say that word of mouth work really well, and many of their dates recommend them. This is how so many local girls have been able to get regular dates. They have built up dating diaries and they stay in touch with their dates on a regular basis. Return custom is important in any business, and the escort business is no different. More and more dates are now coming from central London as rates are high there, and the girls also do outcalls in central London.

It is cheaper to run an agency in Gatwick and this is perhaps one of the main advantages. The cost of office rents are lower, and the girls also pay less for their apartments and boudoirs. Another factor which has influenced the dating scene is Gatwick is the many new comers. A lot of people have moved out from central London to find greener fields and a bit of peace and quiet. This has led to a vibrant local dating scene as many of the new comers work in the City of London.

According to the press, living and working in Gatwick is a good alternative, and I am sure the local agencies will be able to recruit more young ladies for the local dating requirements. There seems to be a huge need for brunettes at the moment, but then again, the rest of London is short of hot brunettes. Finding new escorts for an agency is always a challenge, and most agency do turn to foreign escorts. It seems that British girls are busy becoming swim suit or lingerie models.

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