Eton escorts on airport security and dildos

I travel a lot whenever I get some time off from Eton escorts, and most of the time I do travel on my own. That can be rather frustrating and I do bring my sex toys with me. I have to admit that I am really careful and I make sure that I keep my sex toys safe. You should always put them in the hold luggage so that is what I do. Before I do that, I always make sure that I remove the batteries and buy a new packet of batteries when I get to my location.

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A few months ago, I was on my my way to Hawaii, and I was waiting at LAX when I heard my name being called. At first, I thought that my bag had broken or something like that, but when I got to the counter, there seemed to be a major security problem. In this occasion, I was traveling with one of my friends from Eton escorts, so we both had to go to a special point on the outside of the airport and check the lugagge.


When we got there, it was obvious that it was just my luggage which was there, and my friend from Eton escorts had been spared the embarrassment of having our luggage searched. As I stood there, I realized that my suitcase was vibrating like mad and I knew instantly what I had done wrong. I took my key out and found the collection of vibrators. Of course, I had forgotten to take out the batteries in all of the vibrators. Yes, I was embarrassed, but I think that the security staff at the airport was more embarrassed than I was.


Anyway, we did manage to get it sorted out, and my friend from Eton escorts giggled all of the way to Hawaii. Today, I have a little check list and on top of it, it says to take out all of the batteries from everything including the vibrators. I am not going through that episode again, and I am not sure that I could live it down to be honest. To some people it would have been awful but I thought it was kind of funny.


So, if you are travelling with your sex toys, don’t forget to take out any batteries. It was one in a million chance, and something must have happened for the vibrators to start. Whenever we have a party at Eton escorts, my friends at the agency like to remind me of the experience. Sure, it was a weird experience, but the joke is on me. I don’t mind talking about my sex toy addiction at all, and why should a girl not be allowed to pack her best friends in a bag. But, if you plan to holiday with your vibrators, make sure that they are easy to access in case security staff at the airport wonder what they are. You don’t want to risk getting your favorite toys blown up by the security staff.

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